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AI & Society is an Interational Journal publishing refereed scholarly articles, discussion papers, short communications and reviews of books and other publications. Established in 1987, the journal focuses on the issues associated with the design and management of information, communications and media technologies, with a particular emphasis on cultural, social, economic, ethical and philosophical implications.

As the 21st Century dawns, a gap is emerging between the reality of the rapidly evolving 'information society' and the humanistic vision of developing socially useful technologies. AI & Society provides an international forum for scholars analysing these conflicts and dilemmas, and a focus for a growing community committed to the 'knowledge society' and to 'human-centred' technologies and systems.

AI & Society is broad based and strongly interdisciplinary. Contributions and participation from researchers and practitioners in a variety of fields including information,communication and media technologies, social sciences, new media, arts and humanities are welcomed.

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Call for papers:

AI & Society seeks papers on problems, paradoxes, opportunities and risks of knowledge societies. It also seeks papers on the ...

  • The paradox of technological paradigm and knowledge societies: New policy challenges
  • The Knowledge society: changing nature of work, living and organisations
  • Knowledge, culture and technology
  • Information society and sustainable development
  • Knowledge and innovation: meeting social and cultural needs
  • The global village: Information society and the global culture
  • Cross cultural communication and knowledge networking
  • Distributed psycho-social networks
  • Culture, enterprise and innovation
  • Socio-cognitive tools for human interaction
  • Distributed apprenticeship and learning
  • The ethics and boundaries of discourse
  • Human machine symbiosis: a paradigm for local-global dicourse

For additional information, please e-mail AI & Society Editor Karamjit.S Gill.