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Aalborg University Department of Communication,

Langagervej 8,

DK9220 Aalborg SØ,


Department of Communication, Aalborg University comprises three major research sections:

1. Danish language and litterature

2. Humanistic Informatics

3. Psychology

Humanistic Informatics again comprises the following research areas:

- Communication in organizations

-Interpersonal Communication

-Media, Application and Signification

-Language and Cogniton

-Learning and Learning environments

-Multimedia and Design

Research projects (Humanistisk Informatics):

Manicoral - Multimedia and Network in Co-operative Research and Learning, EU program Telematics and Knowledge. The project goal is to study distributed cognition and learning in research groups and in this way to contribute to the development and design of CSCW systems.

Virtual Learning environments. The project goal is to develop virtual learning environments at Aalborg University

ESPRIT BASIC Research projektet in Human - Computer Interaction, AMODEUS II.

Sproglaboratorium for Børn (Laboratory of language learning for children). The project goal is to develop an intelligent multimedia system to learn how to write in Danish. The system addresses 9-12 year old children, and the system will be developed in cooperation vith a group of children.

DEVISE. The goal of this project is to develop tools for experimental prototyping.

Research Facilities:

There are several computer labs for students including multimedia labs.

Department Publications:

Ellen Christiansen: Scenarios as Springboards in Design i: G. Bowker, L. Gasser, L.Star & W. Turner (eds.), Social Science Research, Technical Systems and Cooperation,1996.

Ellen Christiansen: Tamed by a Rose. In Nardi, B.(Ed.): Context and Consciousness: Activity Theory and Human Computer Interaction. MIT Press, 1996.

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Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld: et. al.: Computer Supported Distance Learning, in: Interact 1994

Jens F. Jensen: Computer Culture: the Meaning of Technology and the Technology of Meaning, in: Peter Bøgh Andersen, Berit Holmqvist og Jens F. Jensen: The Computer as Medium, 1993, Cambridge University Press.

Jens F. Jensen: Computers in Context, in: Peter Bøgh Andersen, Berit Holmqvist og Jens F. Jensen: The Computer as Medium, 1993, Cambridge University Press.

Tove Klausen An Empirical Study of Professional Designersí use of Asenariuos, 1994, Amodeus Working Paper; WP31)

Inger Lytje: A humanistic approach to systems development(1989). Office:Technology and People, Elsevier 4:147-155.

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Inger Lytje: Software as Multimedia Text. Design of Open Multimedia Systems (1996), to be published in AI&Society, Springer Verlag, 1997.