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The SEAKE Centre
is a research centre of the Faculty of Management and Information Sciences. It is based in the School of Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences. Within the University the SEAKE Centre works to provide the research culture and ethos for undertaking research and course development into human centred systems. International links are established through collaborative research programmes, visiting research scientists, and a programme of doctoral research in culture, innovation and technology. The work of the Centre is undertaken by the network of researchers.

Human centred research
is concerned with the design of advanced information technology environments supporting knowledge transfer and learning in complex social systems and organisations. It has broader concerns in the areas of scientific traditions, human organisations and enterprise cultures. In this tradition science and technology are reinforced by such concepts as human purpose, human-machine symbiosis, diversity and cohesion, participation, and the tacit dimension of knowledge.


SEAKE coordinates:-

An EU-India Cross Cultural Innovation Network

A European research network in Human Centred Systems

AI & Society :journal of human centred systems and machine intelligence, published by Springer-Verlag

International Research Institute on Human Centred Systems, an "Institute without Walls"

Workshop/Seminar Series on Enterprise Cultures, Innovation and Technology

International conferences and workshops on Human Centred Systems


There are opportunities for postgraduate and post-doctoral research including visiting research scientists in Human Centred Systems. Participants in our research programmes automatically become members of the European Human Centred Systems Research Network .


  • Multimedia network support systems for cross cultural collaboration
  • Human centred design of tools and systems for human potential and capacity building
  • Human centred shaping of education and training
  • Knowledge based support systems for complex social environments
  • Models for the design of sustainable innovation and development
  • Advanced multimedia learning systems.
  • Technology and knowledge transfer
  • Culture, technology and innovation

  • Prof. Mike Cooley International Institute of Human Centred Systems
  • Prof. Richard Ennals Kingston University
  • Prof. Bo Goranzon The Royal Technical University of Stockholm
  • Prof. Masao Hijikata, Waseda University
  • Dr. Ashok Jain, University of Delhi
  • Dr. Stuart Laing Assistant Director, University of Brighton
  • Bob Muller IT Consultant, UK 
  • Prof. Massimo Negrotti University of Urbino
  • Prof. Lauge Rasmussen Technical University of Denmark
  • Prof. Felix Rauner Bremen University 
  • David Smith, University of Wales College of Art and Design

The Centre supports and disseminates the human centred research culture through its research networks, and through the international journal AI & Society: human centred systems and machine intelligence, published by Springer-Verlag, and the related book series on Human Centred Systems. In addition the Centre publishes SEAKE Working Papers and collaborates with the University of Urbino in the publication of occasional working papers on Culture and Advanced Technologies. The SEAKE Centre runs international workshop series on human centred systems, and promotes regular seminars and talks on Culture and Technology by visiting scholars.

Further Information
SEAKE Centre
School of Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences

University of Brighton, Watts Building, Brighton BN2 4GJ, UK
Contact: Jon Dron or Peter Day, Centre Directors
Tel: +44 273 642480 Fax: +44 273 642405