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Date: Fri, 16 Aug 96 10:45:34 PDT From: "Peter G. Neumann" <neumann@csl.sri.com>

Subject: The Atlanta 911 transcript

[The following transcript of the Olympic 911 bomb call and the ensuing  conversation suggests that many of our nontechnological risks are not  being adequately addressed. PGN]



Excerpts from a transcript released Thursday by the Atlanta Police Department regarding the bomb threat telephoned to 911 on July 27. Times have been converted from military time to standard notation, and punctuation and spelling have been edited. Parenthetical notes are part of the police transcript except where labeled as an editor's note.

The transcript refers to these police terms: Code 73, bomb threat; and Zone 5, a police precinct near Centennial Olympic Park.  The transcript did not explain the Zone 5 Dispatcher's references to Code 17 and Code 8, which apparently were unrelated to the bomb call.

12:58:28 a.m.: [Call to 911]

12:58:32 a.m.: Atlanta Police Department

911 Operator: "Atlanta 911."

Caller: "There is a bomb in Centennial Park, you have 30 minutes." 12:58:45 a.m.: Caller hangs up.

1:01:20 a.m.:

911 operator calls APD Agency Command Center (all lines busy). ....

1:01:30 a.m.:

911 operator calls Zone 5 and notifies Zone 5 of Signal 73 and  requests address of Centennial Park -- unable to get street address.

Dispatcher: "Zone 5."

911 Operator: "You know the address to Centennial Olympic Park?"

Dispatcher: "Girl, don't ask me to lie to you."
911 Operator: "I tried to call ACC but ain't nobody answering the phone ...  but I just got this man called talking about there's a  bomb set to go off in 30 minutes in Centennial Park."

Dispatcher: "Oh Lord, child. One minute, one minute. I copy Code 17. OK,  all DUI units are Code 8 and will not be able to  assist on the freeway.  Oh Lord, child. Uh, OK, wait a minute, Centennial  Park, you put it in and it won't go in?"

911 Operator: "No, unless I'm spelling Centennial wrong. How are we spelling  Centennial?"

Dispatcher: " C-E-N-T-E-N-N-I -- how do you spell Centennial?"

911 Operator: "I'm spelling it right, it ain't taking."

Dispatcher: "Yeah."

911 Operator: "Centennial Park is not going. Maybe if I take 'park' out, maybe that will take. Let me try that."

Dispatcher: "Wait a minute, that's the regular Olympic Stadium right?"

911 Operator: "Olympic Stadium is like Zone 3, though. Centennial Park."

Dispatcher: "That's the Centennial Park?"

911 Operator: "It's near the Coca Cola Plaza, I think."

Dispatcher: "In 5?"

911 Operator: "Uh huh."

Dispatcher: "Uh, hold on. Sonya, you don't know the address to the Centennial Park?" 2nd

Dispatcher (in background): "Downtown."

911 Operator: "Male, about 30."

Dispatcher: "1546, Code 17, 23."

911 Operator: "White."

Dispatcher: "Uh, you know what? Ask one of the supervisors."

911 Operator: "No, Lord help me, you know they don't know."

Dispatcher: "I know, but it gets it off you."

911 Operator: "Alrighty then, bye."

Dispatcher: "Bye."

1:02:40 a.m.:

911 operator calls APD ACC for address (telephone line problem;  operators cannot hear each other.) ...

1:02:50 a.m.:

911 operator calls APD ACC again and requests address for  Centennial Park and is given the telephone number.

ACC: "Atlanta Police, Agency Command Center."

911 Operator: "Hey, can you hear me now?"
ACC: "Uh huh."

911 Operator: "OK, can you give me the address of the Centennial Park?"

ACC: "I ain't got no address to Centennial Park, what y'all think I am?"

911 Operator: "Can you help me find the address to Centennial Park?"

ACC: "I can give you the telephone number of Centennial Park."

911 Operator: "I need to get this bomb threat over there to y'all." ACC: "Well."

911 Operator: "But I need the address of Centennial Park. It's not taking,  the system is not taking Centennial Park, that's not  where it came from, but you know the system is not  taking Centennial Park, that's where he said the bomb was." ACC: "No particular street or what?"

911 Operator: "He just said there's a bomb set to go off in 30 minutes in  Centennial Park." ACC: "Ooh, it's going to be gone off by the time we find the address."

911 Operator: "Are you kiddin'? Give me that, give me that." ACC: "I mean I don't have an address, I just have phone  numbers."

911 Operator: "Give me the phone number."  ...

1:05:10 a.m.:

911 operator calls Centennial Park for street address and is placed on hold. Receives address at 1:07:10 a.m.

Centennial Park: "Centennial Park, this is Operator Morgan."

911 Operator: "Hi, can you give me the address to Centennial Park?" Cen Park: "The address?"

911 Operator: "Uh huh." Cen Park: "Uh, hold on a second."

1:06:30 a.m.:

911 operator notifies Communications Supervisor, Sgt. Montgomery.

911 Operator: "Does anybody -- Sgt. Montgomery, do you know the address of  Centennial Park? Do you know the address to Centennial Park.  Well, I need to get the address of Centennial Park 'cause, I  mean I don't mean to upset nobody, but we got a bomb threat  over there."

(Editor's note: The transcript does not further indicate whether this comment about a bomb threat was directed only to Sgt. Montgomery in the 911 center or to Centennial Park's Operator Morgan, who is shown to come back on the line just after the comment.)

Cen Park: "Ma'am."

911 Operator: "Yes."

Cen Park: "OK, it's 145 International Boulevard."

911 Operator: "145 International Boulevard."

Cen Park: "Uh huh."

911 Operator: "OK."

Cen Park: "All right, uh huh."

911 Operator: "Thank you. Bye bye."

1:08:35 a.m.:

911 operator sent call to dispatch.

1:11:10 a.m.:

Dispatcher: "1591. Radio raising 1594."

Unit 1594: "1594. You call?"

1:11:20 a.m.:

Dispatcher: "1594, that's affirmative, got a Signal 73 at 145 International Boulevard. It came from the pay phone at the Days Inn. The caller is advising that he has one set to go off in 30 minutes at Centennial Park. Sounded likea white male."

(Editor's note: The same information is then given to Unit 1593 and the

Dispatcher calls Unit1546.)

1:12:30 a.m.:

Dispatcher: "Did you copy?"

1:12:40 a.m.:

Unit 1546: "1546. I copy. Advise the state police, they police that park.  I'll go the Days Inn and see if I can locate the caller."

Dispatcher: "OK, that's affirmative."

(Editor's note: There are sporadic entries over the next seven minutes. Another officer, designated Unit 1593, also instructs the Dispatcher at 1:18:50 a.m. to "contact the state police supervisor." The transcript contains no indication, however, that state police were notified.)

1:20:00 a.m.:

Unit 2924: "2924 to Radio, be advised that something just blew up at  Olympic Park."  ------------------------------   ============================================================