The programming language Java is compiled into an abstract machine code, and hence may be run on any machine. By writing a Java applet code may be downloaded into a browser and executed, to give a dynamic presence to a web page. In particular this applet may form the client end in a client-server relationship.

By using Java as part of a web page construction strategy an interactive element may be created to offer many new and exciting features.

Creating a class in Java

The class is central to Java programming. The following is Chapter 5 on classes from my book "Java an Object-Oriented Language"

Example programs in Java

Some example programs in Java.

Slides I have used in teaching Java

The following are slides I have used to illustrate some of the concepts of the programming language Java. The slides are in Acrobat format and are approximately 1.2Mb in size.

Recent books written by Mike Smith

Java an Object-Oriented Language [Book] Object-Oriented Software in ANSI C++ 2nd Edition [Book] Object-Oriented Software in Ada 95 2nd Edition [e-Book]

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