Additional Resources

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Email list for the Workshop

The Workshop will make use of the mailing list set up for the Interact 99 Workshop,  maintained by Mailbase.

The list is currently closed, so only members of the workshop will be able to post to it.

A web page for the list, which will give access to details and archives is at:

To send email to all members of the list, post to:

A Learning Guide to Design Patterns

By Joshua Kerievsky, a paper on using study groups to learn about patterns in software.

Centre for Environmental Structure /

The web site of Christopher Alexander's design consultancy group.  Intended as a 'genetic seed' to promote the rebuilding of a better Earth.  Great idea - however, it illustrates the need for developing and disseminating human-computer interaction design patterns only too well!

Jan Borchers' HCI Patterns Page

The Brighton Usability Pattern Collection

The Interact 99 Workshop Site

Draft Report on the Interact 99 Workshop

Not for further distribution.  Will download as a PDF file.