CHI 2000 Workshop:

Pattern Languages for Interaction Design:  Building Momentum

Sunday 2nd & Monday 3rd April 2000, The Hague, The Netherlands

Call for Participation

The potential of pattern languages as a vehicle for the dissemination of human-computer interaction design knowledge has been recognized within the CHI community for a number of years.  This potential is based on the ideas of the architect Christopher Alexander, for recording the designs of ‘living buildings’.  Patterns are developed to record the invariant properties that exist in a design solution which resolves conflicting social, cognitive, and technological forces.  Patterns are interlinked into a network (a pattern language) to support both conceptual and detailed design.

The two day workshop aims to build momentum following previous successful workshops on pattern languages for interaction design.  The first day will be mainly practical, to include a writers' workshop, while the second day will be mainly theoretical.  The main goals are:

  • To promote the development of pattern languages for interaction design.
  • To refine and develop the application of pattern languages in this area.
  • To develop an understanding of the relationship between interaction design and software engineering patterns.
  • To extend the community of pattern writers.

Participants will be required to submit a brief position paper and at least one potential interaction design pattern.  They are also expected to have read some of Alexander's books: The Timeless Way of Building and A Pattern Language.

Intention to participate

If you intend to take part in the workshop, please submit a full Alexander style pattern which relates to an aspect of human computer interaction, together with a short (1-2 page) outline of your own position on patterns for interaction design. These, together with existing patterns, will form the basis of the practical work of the meeting and will be circulated to participants beforehand.  Submission can be electronic or on paper.

The deadline for position papers is:

28th January 2000.

Submitters will be notified by 4 February 2000.

Submission to:

Mr R N Griffiths
of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
University of Brighton
Lewes Rd


For further information, please contact any of the facilitators:

Richard Griffiths
of Brighton, UK
'Phone: +44 1273 642477

Lyn Pemberton
University of Brighton, UK
'Phone: +44 1273 642476

Jan Borchers
of Linz, Austria
'Phone: +49 731 502 4192

Adam Stork
University College
'Phone: +44 171 504 5313

Registration details for CHI 2000 can be obtained from:

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