Usability Pattern Language Workshop - Example Patterns

Barbara Mirel Query and Interpret
David England Avatar joining
Diane Love Patterns for Selection
Fernado Lyardet (Gustavo Rossi, Daniel Schwabe) Information on Demand  
Behaviour Anticipation  
Information-Interaction Decoupling  
Behavioural Grouping  PDF 
Ger Koelman Explorable Interface 
Jan Borchers Incremental Revealing
Janet Wesson List Selection 
John Thomas Support the Hands with Specialized Tools 
Kimberly Perzel (David Kane) Policy Statement  
Lyn Pemberton Just the Usual  
Let People Overhear 
Martin Hitz Selection Iterator (Behavioural) GIF  PS
Michael Mahemoff Online Repository  PDF 
Peter Windsor Situation Display 
Work Queue 
Richard Griffiths Give a Warning