Pattern from Janet Louise Wesson

Pattern: List Selection

Problem: When should you use a List Selection pattern?

Context:   You need to select the most appropriate interaction object for entering information in a form.


       The domain of the input (i.e. the range of possible values);
       The number of possible values (Npo);
       The number of values to be chosen (Nvc); and
       The screen density.


       List Selection pattern should be used when
       The domain is known;
       The Npo is between 6 and 20;
       The Nvc is one; and
       The screen density is low.

Rationale: If the domain is known, a List selection pattern will minimize keystrokes and reduce the number of possible user
input errors. If the screen density is high, however, a Long List Selection pattern should be used.

Related Patterns:

       Long List Selection


       JDK 1.2 List
       VisualBasic ListBox
       Swing List (JList)


       Vanderdonckt (1995)
       Stewart (1999)

An example pattern prepared for the Usability Pattern Language Workshop at Interact '99