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Introduction to Usability Evaluation 

Introduction: Evaluation in User Centred Design Processes Go to top of page

Evaluation is an important part of any user-centred HCI design process (e.g., GUIDELink to reference lower within this page ), where it is used to:
  1. To identify usability problems.
  2. To assess whether the GUI design satisfies usability requirements.
  3. To evaluate whether the GUI design will be usable in practice by its intended users.
There are both formative and summative aspects to evaluation.

1 is carried out throughout the process to help form the design.

2 and 3 occur towards the end, and become summative in that they assess the success of the whole design exercise.

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Redmond-Pyle, David & Moore, Alan    Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation: A Practical Process    Prentice Hall 1995

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